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    Can't do it? Use PDE-5 inhibitors

    Can't do it? Use PDE-5 inhibitors

    Aged men who make less love and who are contented with the responses using Viagra should certainly keep to Viagra. Some patients who are not satisfied with results to Cialis may find out that Viagra is more preferable for them. In general, these 3 drugs work and the men should talk to their doctors about altering the drug that seems better for them and their personal life. Three drugs recently and some others in various stages of clinical trials has not only expanded the treatment options for ed, but in many ways has aroused new confusion among physicians and patients. This can be added to vacuum therapy and other medications and it is not difficult to get why patients and possible patients have questions. aphrodisiaque efficace

    For all practical purposes, medical treatment starts from these drugs. In measured conditions in which the males are healthy, young, laboratory blood tests and such are normal doctors should look for the physical reason for their ed before drugs prescription because disease development may be more serious than its symptoms, other factors, the erectile disfunction itself. In some situations treatment of the primary disease can in fact exclude the sexual dysfunction. Still, most men have other physical causes for ed as found in their laboratory tests and health history, making PDE-5 inhibitors a first line of choice. Selecting the necessary medicine seems very hard to do with no right data on each drug and a careful talk about the sexual history of the patient and his partner. aphrodisiaque en pharmacie

    Let's talk about these three drugs cons and pros and the intimate conditions that may indicate the use of one drug over another. Viagra was the first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors used to cure erectile dysfunction. It had been researched for over a dozen years before being presented to the Americans. It gives results in more than a half of all patients with all types of erectile dysfunction, though approximately A QUARTER of them do not feel that the responses are optimal. aphrodisiaque homme

    When initially doing the studies on Viagra, sexual function seemed to have improved greatly; nevertheless, all patients in the Viagra studies had ed, whereas other two drugs studies were based on patients who had used Viagra.Viagra's major drawbacks take in decreased absorption because of meals. Empty stomach is required as absorption takes approximately 30 minutes. The drug needs about 1 hour for uttermost effect, but loses 50% of its maximal concentration every 4 hours. Erection would appear in condition of sexual stimulation. Of the III drugs, when concentration for Viagra gets maximal it becomes therapeutic. Side effects include unusual eye problems including a blue-green halo round the vision, a bright sight, facial flushing, soft headaches, stomach upset.
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