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    Researches on treating erectile dysfunction

    Researches on treating erectile dysfunction

    Elderly men who have less frequent sex and who are satisfied with the responses taking Viagra should surely continue Viagra. Some men who are not contented with responses to Cialis may find that Viagra is more preferable for them. Generally, these 3 drugs are good and the men have to talk to their doctors about altering the drug that works best for them and their intimate life. 3 drugs recently and some others in various stages of clinical trials has not just further enlarged the options of treatment for ed, but also has provoked new confusion among physicians and patients. This can be added to other medications and vacuum therapy and it is not hard to see why patients and possible patients are sceptical. impotence natural cure

    For all practical purposes, these oral drugs are a first line of medical treatment. In certain situations in which the males are young, healthy, laboratory blood tests or such are in norm doctors should seek the physical reason for their erectile dysfunction before instituting treatment because the disease process may be more serious than its symptoms, other factors, the ed itself. In some situations treatment of the primary disease may in fact resolve the sexual disfunction. Nevertheless, ed has other reasons among patients as constituted in their health history and laboratory tests, making PDE-5 inhibitors a first alternative line. Choosing the suitable medecine seems almost unmanageable to do with no right info on every drug and a careful discussion about the patient's sexual life and his mate. impotence remedies

    We shall discuss these three drugs advantages and disadvantages and the sexual circumstances showing the purpose of one drug over another. The first and is probably the most famous of the three PDE-5 inhibitors Viagra was used to cure ed. More that ten years had been spent on tests before being accessible to the American public. It gives results in close to 70% of all men with all types of ed, although about A QUARTER of them feel that results are not maximum. impotence remedy

    When initially doing the studies on Viagra, the endpoint of efficacy was improvement in sexual function; however, all male patients in the Viagra studies suffered from ED, while studies for the other two drugs were connected with patients who had used Viagra.Viagra's major drawbacks take in decreased absorption because of food intake. Empty stomach is required as absorption takes approximately 30 minutes. The drug takes about 1 hour for uttermost effect, but loses a half of its maximal concentration every 4 hours. For erection you should do sexual stimulation. Of the three drugs, when concentration for Viagra gets maximal it becomes therapeutic. Side effects take in facial flushing, mild headaches, stomach upset, strange ocular troubles including a bright vision, a blue-green aureole around the sight.
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